EDUCATIONAL MODELS-Jackson Purchase Foundation


We have several educational models related to water, watersheds and runoff pollution that are available for checkout. You can also request staff to come to your event and demonstrate the educational models to your organization!
River Lab
Demonstrate how rivers change over time through erosion.
Stormwater Model
Show how impervious areas contribute to flooding and projects that can reduce stormwater runoff.
Watersheds Model
Demonstrate how storm water runoff carries pollution through the watershed and the best management practices to prevent this type of pollution.
Ecological Restoration Model
Demonstrate how wetland and floodplain management can improve the environment! Restore and construct wetlands to manage stormwater, reducing flooding and pollution.
Waste Management Model
Depicts proper waste management practices & how their design prevents harm to the groundwater, surface water and air.
Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment Model
Trace the path of water we use from the rivers through the water treatment plant process and back to the residential and commercial uses.