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What is a Storm Drain?
Storm drains are located throughout our communities and channel runoff from our cities and streets to stormwater pipes underground. From these pipes, this runoff flows untreated into our local rivers and streams. There are different designs of storm drains. Often they are openings in the curb, or sometimes they can be in the form of a grating over the side of a roadway. As gutters are designed to move rainwater off your house's roof and away from the house, storm drains are designed to direct water into stormwater pipes, to move it away from roads and buildings and into the nearest waterway.
How Are Storm Drains and Pollution Related?
Many people are unaware that storm drains carry stormwater to the nearest waterway, often without any kind of filtration or treatment. The nearest waterway may be a small creek or ditch, but that creek eventually will connect to a larger stream or river. Many of us obtain our drinking water from these sources, so eventually, we are drinking the same water that at one time fell as rain and drained off of our neighborhood streets through storm drains. The debris and chemicals that are carried by the water flowing through storm drains can pollute our water supply and also threaten aquatic life living within the water bodies that receive the water. It our responsibility to let only rain go down the storm drains.
Why Stencil Storm Drains?

By painting a stencil onto a storm drain, we remind our neighbors that litter and pollutants that enter the storm drain can end up in our waterways. Whatever goes into that storm drain does not just disappear, but will continue into the environment affecting all life, human and otherwise, in that area.

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